Friends of King's Cross29 Jan 20234 min read

NEWSFLASH: FLS buys Brodick Timber Yard

We have been reliably informed that the timber yard on Market Road at Brodick has been sold to Forestry and Land Scotland. The transaction has been completed and the employees concerned have been informed so it is in the public domain. We don’t know why FLS has bought this land but we can say withou...
Friends of King's Cross14 Jan 20231 min read


If you're a regular walker in the King's Cross area or would like to help, please consider joining in the Big Garden Bird Watch which takes place from the 27th - 29th January. As well as submitting to the Big Garden Brid Watch, If you could send us copy of the results to
Friends of King's Cross31 Dec 20220 min read

PRESS: Voice For Arran article

The online publication Voice for Arran has featured an article about the Friend's of King's Cross campaign. You can read the full article at
Friends of King's Cross16 Dec 20220 min read

PRESS: Arran Banner features story:
"Forestry must give ‘proper consideration’ to alternative plans"

Another article details how the campain is progressing and revealing how much FLS paid for Whitefield Farm.
Friends of King's Cross21 Oct 20220 min read

PRESS: Arran Banner features cover story
"Residents stand united"

A second story in the Arran Banner details the outcome of the meeting of Arran residents that took place on Sunday 16th October to discuss the FLS plans.
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